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Author Chu encourages NTNU students to make a difference

"I believe in you," renowned author and translator Lucifer Chu (朱學恒) told a packed auditorium of NTNU students on Thursday. "The question is, do you believe in yourself?"

Home environment plays key role in student performance: Study

An educational gap exists between students in the nation's urban and rural areas -- and despite what many may think, it's not caused by a lack school of resources, according to a new study by National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) professor of education Hsu Tien-ming (許添明). Instead, the key factor is a student's living environment, including access to desks, dictionaries, and other learning tools at home, Hsu reported Wednesday to the National Science Council, which funded the research.

Summer study abroad opens world to NTNU students

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) does more than bring international students to NTNU -- they also want to send Taiwan's students abroad!

18 students go head-to-head in 4th Cross-Strait Interpreting Competition

18 skilled interpreters from schools in Taiwan and mainland China went head-to-head Monday in the final round of the 4th Annual Cross-Strait Interpretation Competition, which was held for the first time at NTNU.