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National Taiwan Normal University established a multinational research center on learning science with Pennsylvania State University

National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) and the Pennsylvania State University of the United States have co-founded the “the Advanced Center for the Learning Sciences” (ACLS) and will conduct bilateral student exchange programs in the near future. The two universities also announced at a press conference on Jan. 24 that they had partnered up with a Taiwanese computer firm, Leo System, to promote Chinese language learning through cloud computing technology.

NTNU won three distinguished research awards from Taiwan’s National Science Council

The National Science Council announced the winners of the 2012 Distinguished Research Awards on Feb. 1 this year. NTNU professor Chun-yen Chang and Kuo-en Chang won the award for the third times, while Professor Chau-Ron Wu of the Institute of Marine Environment Science and Technology won the earth science category of the award for the first time. The number of award winners from NTNU this year surpassed that of other Taiwanese universities such as National Chengchi University, National Chung Hsing University, National Yang-Ming University, and National Sun Yat-sen University.

NTNU research reported by New York Times as discovering learning genes

Why are some children able to handle competition and pressure and get high scores while some are not? A report from the New York Times published on Feb. 6 cited NTNU’s pioneering research, which suggests COMT (enzyme), a human genome, is the answer to the question. The gene controls the activities of the neurological system and maintains brain function. The article topped the newspaper’s most forwarded news on the same day.

NTNU signed MOUs for academic research and cooperation agreements with the University of Tsukuba, Japan

After years of joint efforts of NTNU faculties, the university signed an exchange program with the University of Tsukuba of Japan in December 2012.

Experienced Teachers Shared Tips with Students about Practicum

Students who want to be teachers need to be intern in senior or junior high school before they apply to quailed teacher. In order to help those students know more about educational practicum, Office of Teacher Education and Career Service of NTNU held a study group, inviting several experience teachers to share some tips.