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Forum: Reading Phenomena of Popular Science

Why are Taiwanese readers indifferent to popular science publications? NTNU Library held a forum to discuss the phenomena with NTNU professors including Hong Wan-Sheng from the Department of Mathematics, Library Director Chen Zhao-Zhen, etc.

Student Recruitment Starts for the Bachelor Program in Performing Art

The bachelor program in performing art, established by the Graduate Institute of Performing Art, NTNU, will start to enrol students this coming school year! The second explanatory session on the main campus of NTNU on the 8th of April had nearly a hundred students present. The session was chaired by He Kang-Guo and Xia Xue-Li from the Graduate Institute of Performing art. The program, designed based on the regulations of the Ministry of Education, will be a double-major course with 60 required and selected credits. Those who complete the program will be qualified to teach in performing-art departments.

Success in Teaching Excellence Project

After the amendment of Teacher Education Law in 1994, teacher education is no longer exclusive to normal universities. In order to stand out, NTNU started a Teaching Excellence Project in 1998 to train more professional teachers. A presentation was held on April 1st to show the achievements of the project. Chang Zi-Chao, the 1st keynote speaker, talked about Regional Centres of Expertise promoted by the United Nations, saying that though it was hard for Taiwan to establish a RCE, we were vigorously involved in achieving education for sustainable development. There will be another presentations on the 8th with more keynote speeches.

Aboriginal Language Certification Exams Results Published

2nd aboriginal language certification exams results published!