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Collaborating with U. of British Columbia on Leader Development

In order to assist the academic leaders and teachers who has just worked in NTNU on their understanding of the working environment, the Flying Geese Camp was held. In addition to the offsite training during the semester, there’s also a training course on January 6th, helping the deans to acquainting how the international business is run in the campus, answering the questions that faculties may have. President Sheu Tian Ming of the National Academy of Educational Research and President Chang Kuo En came to give a toast, encouraging the academic leaders. President Chang said that internationalization is the most important step for NTNU to transform. The leaders shoulder the responsibilities to lead the departments towards internationalization. President Sheu, who was the Dean of the College of Department of NTNU said that he was proud and honored to see that NTNU is performing better every year on internationalization. He is positive about it and bless all the departments to become successful in their filed.

MOOCs at NTNU Onboard

MOOCs at NTNU ( is now officially onboard! Starting from November 1st, classes like “Ten Western Classic”, “Solar Power and Life” “Promote Reading in High School and Library Management” will be available online, you can browse the web and enjoy learning just one click away at any time you wish.

2014 NTNU Summer School is coming soon

NTNU is the only one considered integrated university including arts and humanities in the Taiwan’s Top 12 universities; it ranks first in the field of education in Asia in the QS rankings. In recent years the subject of management has also received the attention of related enterprises in Taiwan, consequently all-English summer school courses with NTNU characteristics will be offered in 2014. Undergraduate and graduate students from overseas and Taiwan who are interested in courses related to culture and the arts, education, and management are welcome to enroll.

Teachers from Singapore Centre for Chinese attend training camp at NTNU

Teachers from the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (新加坡華文教研中心) wrapped up a four-day crash course on teaching methods Thursday offered by National Taiwan Normal University's Chinese Department. The course focused on pragmatic teaching methods, assessment, and multimedia teaching materials, among other topics.
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