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National Taiwan University System Benefits for Being Close

The "National Taiwan University System", combined by National Taiwan Normal University, National Taiwan University and National Taiwan University of Science, will become the 7th Higher Education system in Taiwan. Compared to other university system, three schools agreed that the geographical relationship is the key that why this University system is more likely to succeed.

Panoramic Videos of NTNU Were Launched

Now, you can have a nice look at the campus in 360 degrees online. NTNU has launched 360 degrees videos with Google in order to promote the view and historical buildings on the campus. Please go to the website

Liang Shih-chiu’s Former Residence now open for visitors

In order to commemorate the Professor Liang Shih-chiu and his great contribution to NTNU, Liang’s former residence will open for visiting. Down below is the visiting info. Address: No.11, Yunhe St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Donate your love to help NTNU create better education

For the long term educational development, NTNU has raised money since 2011 and has received about 39,530,000 dollars. In this foundation, 7,630,000 would be used to construct the fine art and student activity center and culture and life center.
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