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NTNU Won the Open Tournament in Men’s 400m Medley Relay

May 4th was the second to last day of swimming in National Intercollegiate Athletic Game (NIAG) when the highlighted 400-meter medley relay was held. The cheering of audience made the pool tremble.

NTNU as King and Queen of NIAG Gymnastics

The open tournament in Gymnastics of National Intercollegiate Athletic Games (NIAG) was held on May 2nd. NTNU was the champion in both men and women’s division second year in a roll.

NTNU Glittering with Gold Medals

National Intercollegiate Athletic Game 2009 (NIAG) had its closing ceremony on May 5th at NTNU, the hosting university that won 48 gold medals, 38 silver medals and 31 bronze medals and became the champion university 6th year in a roll.

NTNU and NTSU to Battle for Championship in Badminton

On May 3rd, the open tournament of badminton for both men’s and women’s team was held. The two finalists for men were NTNU and National Taiwan Sports University (NTSU). As for women’s team, the 4 semi-finalists, National Taipei University of Education, NTSU Taoyuan, NTNU and National Chiayi University, were still waiting to fight for the two finalist spots.