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Administrators of NTNU Visit Kyushu University

Vice President Lee Chung Mou lead a group of administrators of 14 people to sister school Kyushu University on October 28th and 29th. Executive Vice President Masato Wakayama attended NTNU administrators happily.

President of Nagasaki University Visits MTC

President Shigeru KOHNO and Prof. Wang Wei visited NTNU on November 13th with the staff from the Office in Japan of the Ministry of Education. President Wu Cheng Chih, Vice President for International Affairs Liu Hsiang Lin and Executive Director Chen Jenn Yeu greeted them and they went to Mandarin Training Center to observe classes.

Advanced Training Program for Senior Officials from Allies Starts

2019 Advanced Training Program on Organizational Leadership and Human Resources, held by Graduate Institute of International Human Resource Development and ICDF, started from October 22nd, 2019 with students coming from 12 allies.

Nanyang Technological University Signed MOU with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, Dept. of Design

Principal Investigator Hsu Ho Chieh of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program at Design Department of NTNU signed a MOU with Prof. Wang I-Hsuan Cindy, the Principal Investigator of The Spirit of Chinese Brushwork & Crafts of Nanyang Technological University for mutual study and research. The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is the second oldest public autonomous research university in Singapore. With a population of 33,500 students and 10,000 faculty and staff, NTU is the second largest university in Singapore. Their QS Ranking in 2019 is 12 and 3rd in Asia Universities.

2019 Welcome Party Ice You for Exchange Students

On the evening of October 7th, foreign students of NTNU gathered at hall 210 at General building for their welcome party filled with performances, delicious food and games. The party was organized by the Office of International Affairs and NTNU International Youth. It was scheduled on September 30th and postponed because of typhoon. The beach themed party was decorated with colorful balloons and picture spots. Students can feel the hospitality and kindness from NTNU, a place they will be studying for a period of time.