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NTNU Renews MOU with UNT

On November 27th, Kinshuk, Dean of the College of Information, University of North Texas, visited National Taiwan Normal University, and met with the President Wu Cheng Chih and Executive Vice President Sung Yao Ting The two parties signed the MOU renewal and extended the friendship as sister schools that last for more than 10 years.

NTNU Delegation Goes to Penn State for Benchmarking Visit

The College of Education’s partnership with National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), which began in 2013, continues to grow. Part of the partnership includes benchmarking visits to each other’s institutions, and a delegation from NTNU arrived on the University Park campus for a visit on Nov. 29.

President of Stockholm School of Economics Came to NTNU

President Lars Strannegård and Director of Quality Assurance Ms. Kajsa Anna-Karin Fung from the Stockholm School of Economics visited NTNU in October. Vice President Ying Yung Hsiang, Associate Vice President Liu Yi De, Dean Chou De Wai and Associate Professor Lin Tzu Bin welcomed the guests happily.

NTNU Signs with Kyushu University

Kyushu University signs MOU with NTNU at university level. President Wu Cheng Chih leads a team of professors and administrators across all departments to Kyushu University.

NTNU Welcomes Yushan Young Scholar Ulrich Menne

Prof. Ulrich Menne from the University of Leipzig has been selected as one of the Yushan Young Scholars. Prof. Menne has been joining the Department of Mathematics since the 1st semester of the academic year of 2018 as the first foreign professor in the department. The department held a welcoming party for him on October 16th.