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Hong Kong University of Science and Technology visited The Special Education Center

The Special Education Center in NTNU has been the lead of special education in Taiwan. Therefore, many people in this field will pay a visit and hope to learn from them. On January 4th, the visit group from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology also came to study for a day with the topic of “Supporting college students that need special education”.

Guests from Chiang Mei University Came to NTNU

On December 20th, Associate Prof. Rome Chiranukrom, Acting Vice President of the Chiang Mei University came visited NTNU with the accompany of a graduate student from NTU. Vice President We, Deputy Director Huang from OIA received them and welcomed them.

Thai Guests from Department of Higher Education Visited NTNU

On December 12th, Mr. Kajorn Jitsukummongkol, Deputy Director of the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education of Thailand, led a delegation of 53 officials and university faculties to visit NTNU. Yu Kuang Chao, Director of the Office of International Affairs and Deputy Director Chiang I Tsun welcomed them with personally.

Yonsei University Visited NTNU

On December 13th, Prof. Suh Hong Won, Mr. Jung, Dae Shik and Mr. Choi, Jun Woo from the International Campus Education Complex of Yonsei University came to NTNU. Yu Kuang Chao, Director of the Office of International Affairs, Prof. Chu Wo Hsin from the Department of Chinese as a Second language and senior administrator Wang Cha Yu received them and they have a delightful meeting.

Prayer Rooms in DPPOCS for Oversea Students

There are more than one thousand overseas Chinese students from more than 20 countries studying at The Division of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students. With a view to respect different religions, the prayer room for Buddhist, Taoist, Islamist, Catholists and Christians are set up. On the evening of December 22nd, president Chang, irector Wu Chung Hsin attended the open ceremony of this prayer room with faculties. This is one of the first prayer rooms set up in Universities in Taiwan.