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A Commemoration and Exhibition of Dr. Lin Qing-Jiang

Former Minister of Education Dr. Lin Qing-Jiang has passed away 10 years. He was not only a proud alumnus of NTNU, but also an important figure in Taiwan’s history of educational reform.

Artistic Underground Passage Opens with Christmas Lights

With colourful bells and signboards written with Christmas messages, long-expected NTNU artistic underground passage opened right before Christmas on December 22nd.

Star Administrator Project Organized by the Graduate Institute of Performing Arts

The economy has gradually recovered in the second half of 2009, but there wasn’t an obvious increase in the number of times people participate in artistic and cultural activities.

Masters of Cultural and Creative Industry Give Speeches at NTNU

Following the Youth Forum that was held last week, NTNU held the second speech of the series, named Professional and Industry Forum.

To-be President Zhang Guo-En Proposed Presidency Philosophy

Professor Zhang Huo-En is going to be the next president of NTNU next February. Before he takes office, he proposes his governance philosophy. He will emphasize on both research and teaching, technology and humanity and professional subjects and general education.