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2009 Outstanding Alumnus – Tyzen Hsiao (Honorary Advisor for Tyzen Hsiao Foundation)

Graduated in 1963 from the Department of Music, Tyzen Hsiao was a composer, pianist as well as a conductor. He was dubbed as the “Rachmaninoff in Taiwan, the last Romantic pianist/poet”. Having a pianist mother, Hsiao started to learn piano at the age of five and showed a talent for piano performance and composition early in his music career. “All my achievements in music needs to be accredited to the teaching and cultivation of NTNU,” Hsiao said thankfully. He still considered NTNU to be the best music education he had ever receive in his life full of music.

Annual Pacific Circle Consortium Conference

The 33rd Annual Pacific Circle Consortium Conference opened on May 26th at the College of Education Building, NTNU. This was the first time ever that the Pacific Circle Consortium Conference was held in Taiwan. This event thus had its significance other than its academic importance. Besides educationalists from all member countries, Zheng Rui-Chen, Minister of Education, was also there to show his respect to the organization. This consortium conference would last for three days, in which papers by scholars of different nationalities would be published and ideas of education would be exchanged.

520 My Turn To Work: Career Fair

On May 20th, a career fair was held in NTNU, where 72 companies offering 1700 positions to students. The participating companies could be divided into 10 categories and almost covered all walks of life, which showed how business in Taiwan appreciate NTNU students. Among all companies, Giraffe English offered the most job opportunities, up to 120 positions. This career fair was not exclusive to NTNU students only; many students from other universities also came to browse around and look for opportunities. However, a NTNU student responded that he expected more than simply leaving resumes and contact information to participating companies.

Inspiring Secrets of Dope heads

Secrets revealed! Do you want to know how dope heads rehabilitate from their drug addiction? If the answer is positive, you would be glad to know that on May 20th, a lecture was held jointly by students from the Department of Health Education and the Health Center. The executive officer of the New Life Educational Center, Tan Xi-Xian was invited to explain the secrets behind the rehabilitation of dope heads. New Life Educational Centre had toured to different cities to share to the audience the bitter lives of ex-dope heads, as well as examples of drug cases on campus.

Say No to Drugs

On May 19th, students from the Department of Health Education held an event to teach students how to differentiate different drugs and to avoid the harmful effects of drugs. The event was composed of games and lectures. By going through the three stages of games, participants could learn about the 4 categories of drugs and their effects, the three categories of the effect of drugs, and the addictive factor in drugs and how to prevent addiction. The cordial staff and their thorough explanation made learning fun and easy. The event ended with a lecture and a lucky draw.