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<2008 Sports Day>Athletes Won Medals Out of Expectation

Many athletes won their medals out of expectation on the first day of the Sports Day at National Taiwan Normal University while it was launched this morning.

<2008 Sports Day>Amateur Athletes Try to Leave a Mark in History while Career Athletes Try to Make Sure That Their Daily Training Works

National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) athletes, including career and amateur competitors, did their best to draw as much attention as possible on the tracks during the first day of the Sports Day events today.

<2008 Sports Day>Sports Day Carnival Helps Deliver the Message of the Athletic Spirit

While athletes were competing with each other on the fields, Graduate Institute of Sports and Leisure Management students tried to tell more people how fun it is to participate in sports-related activities by organizing the "sports carnival" on the Sunshine Boulevard today and tomorrow.

<2008 Sports Day>Hula Dancers in the Relay

Office of Student Affairs (OSA) staff members drew public attention during the staff and faculty 1,200 meters relay this morning by dressing themselves as hula dancers.

<2008 Sports Day>Four Teams Become Finalists While Music Department Withdraws from Cheerleaders Competition

Four teams were chosen as the finalists for the cheerleaders’ competition tonight when the Department of Music, which has won six championships from the event, decided to withdraw this year.