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Mandarin Learners Practice the Language and Learn More about Chinese Clothing at the Same Time

Nine foreign students got together, practiced their Mandarin and discussed clothing with six Taiwanese volunteer students during a Chinese chat room activity on the main campus today, while snacks and oolong tea were served at the scene.

International Students Get Bonding by Making Dumplings Together on Kungkuan Campus

Sixty-five international students, mostly from the Mandarin Training Center, shared the moment of learning eastern culture and getting to know each other by making dumplings together at the 7th Dormitory Cafeteria on the Kungkuan Campus from 7pm to 9pm tonight.

To Quit Smoking and to Persuade Other Smokers to Quit Are the Right Things to Do, Professor Says

Taipei Medical University Department of Public Health Associate Professor Chen Ruey-yu (陳叡瑜) urged National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) audiences to stay away from tobacco during a seminar at Classroom Cheng 101 on the main campus today.

Human Resources Manager Offers Job Hunting Tips

Liteon Semiconductor Corp Human Resources Manager Chen Shu-mao (陳樹茂) told his tricks of being a job hunter when he was addressing to a group of students during a seminar at the Union Building on the main campus tonight.

Humanity and Local Culture, Blended

National Taiwan Normal University's (NTNU) "Humanity Festival" was launched after the lion dance performance by children at the Shi-da Park on Oct. 17.