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Malaysians Impress the Public at Fair

Malaysians tried to impress the public by traditional dancing and dishes at the International Culture Fair on the main campus today.

Indian, Macau and Hong Kong Students Catch Everybody's Eyes during the International Culture Fair

Indian, Macau and Hong Kong students were highlighted on the third day of the International Culture Fair, held by the Office of International Affairs, today.

International Culture Fair Makes NTNU More International

Traditional Indonesian dancing and a variety of local cuisines from different countries were presented when the International Culture Fair was launched today.

Alumni Remember Their Days at NTNU

More than 300 alumni returned to the campus for a large-scale reunion, held by the Alumni Association, at the gym tonight.

Presidents Grow Trees on Kungkuan Campus

The central government decided to organize the annual Arbor Day activity on the Kungkuan campus today, while the president, the vice president and Marshall Islands president were all present.