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GASE Summer Program goes to NTNU

Lê Hoa Nghiêm, a master’s student from the Università degli Studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale, Avijit Balabantaray, a Bachelors student from Centurion University of Technology & Management in India, and Javed Ahmad, a master’s student from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), have been working with Professor Jacky Baltes at National Taiwan Normal University during the MOST GASE Summer Program.

A Talk about Classic Literature at NTNU

On May 29th, Chair Professor Gareth Williams gave a talk, organized by the Center for General Education, at the auditorium with Associate Director of University Committee on Asia & the Middle East (UCAME) at Columbia University Rachel Chung and Associate Professor Daniel Hu at Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation. Prof. Williams shared some examples in Greek and Roman mythology including Cicero, Aeneid, Ovid and Pietro Bembo to support his ideas of finding similarity in different literature to create connection.

Prof. Russell Miller Gives Master Class at NTNU

On May 14th and 15th, the Graduate Institute of Performing Arts invited Russell Miller, a coach and teacher of vocal repertoire, to teach master class at NTNU. Prof. Russell Miller now teaches at Eastman School of Music at University of Rochester which ranked the first in the states.

Exotic Annual International Cultural Festival on NTNU

The annual International Cultural Festival is now on! The annual International Cultural Festival on Sunlight Avenue from March 12nd to 14th. Foreign students from Turkey, South East Asian countries, Japan, Korean, Paraguay all busy preparing their traditional food, wearing costumes. People dancing and singing on stage. The theme this year is narrator and animal. Students can share their stories like an animal is talking.

Yale Professors Talks about Research Ethics at NTNU

The Center of Research Ethics invited Prof. Marc Potenza from Yale University and Assistant Prof. Sarah Yip to come talk about the case study of research ethics . Executive Vice President Sung Yao Ting, Vice President Hsu Ying Shao of the Office of Research and Development, Minister of the Research Ethics Committee Tony Lee all came to this sharing.