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Debate Tournament for Foreign Students in Mandarin

“Whether Taiwan’s Central Government should adopt a cabinet system?” This topic is not easy, even for native Mandarin speakers. How would the foreign students do on this kind of topic? College of International Studies and Social Sciences held a debate tournament for foreign students, inviting all foreign students in the Department of Chinese as a Second Language to this exciting event.

60-year-old MTC, Legacy and Innovation

The Mandarin Teaching Center was founded by the Dean of Liberal Arts Liang Shiqiu in 1956. Decades later, MTC has become one of the most prestigious mandarin learning center in the world. Thousands of students come here for authentic mandarin learning and MTC is the top choice when thinking of learning Chinese.

NTNU Presents Alumni Card for its 70th Anniversary

Founded in 1946, National Taiwan Normal University is going to celebrate its 70th anniversary this year. From May 12th, a series of celebration event will come one by one. This year, NTNU is going to release its alumni card for the first time, and invited 110 thousands alumni around the world to apply the card for free. The chairman of the alumni association, former president of the Executive Yuan, Wang Jin Pyng, writer Hsiao Yeh and Anchor Liu Ying Show to promote the alumni card.

International Cultural Week at NTNU

The annual international culture week is back! This year, we have as much as 26 booths representing 18 countries from students or institutes from a certain country. You can enjoy authentic exotic food or experience a foreign culture in booths here and there. Indonesian students from NTUST dance on stage happily despite the hot summer.

Human Activity is within 700 km

The Chair Professor of Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, NTNU and member of Academia Sinica Cheng Chin-Chuan visited NTNU on April 27th and gave us a marvelous talk about history, language and culture. The topic of his speech is about the limit of human activity is around 700 km. Prof. Cheng delivered his key point in different facets.