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2016 International University Exposition

The Division of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students held an international University Exposition on 12th of December. As much as 94 colleges and universities are invited to set stalls at the Division of Preparatory Programs. This is a great opportunity for oversea students to know the universities in Taiwan and a place for them to be connected.

Team from NTNU Grabbed Gold Metal from Hong Kong Invention Expo

Taiwan delegation participated in the "2016 Hong Kong Inno Design Tech Expo", grabbing 41 gold, 21 silver and 15 special prize. The total score of Taiwan delegation has remain the highest for three consecutive years. The team from the graduate institute of Electro-optical Science and Technology developed a non-invasive and non-consumable detective technology of orchid disease. This can not only be used for orchid but any other plants. The invention won a gold medal and a special prize.

Prof. Hsieh Chih Mou, first Non-American receiving AEE Michael Stratton Practitioner’s Award

Hsieh Chih Mou is the first non-American that received the AEE Michael Stratton Practitioner’s Award in 30 years. Prof. Hsieh shared with us his stories of leading the students to raise funds to build schools in Nepal, India and northern Thailand and the audience was so touched that they clapped for 2 minutes after his speech.

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Visited NTNU

NTNU has nearly 300 sister schools around the world and 96 of them are in Asia. On December 2nd, Principal of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies(HUSF), Prof. In-Chul KIM, Director of OIA, Prof.Jae-Ho HWANG, Prof.Dae-Guen LIM and Assistant Chang from the Department of Internaional and Corss-strait Education. They were welcomed by Vice President Cheng Chi Fu, Yu Kuang Chao, and Vice President for Office of International Affairs and Director Hsu from the Chinese Department.

Dr. Joys Cheung Joins the Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology

On November 10th of 2016, Dr. Joys Cheung received the 2016 Rulan Chao Pian Prize From Prof. Bell Yung at a 30 anniversary celebration event of ACMR.