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"Voice of China" heading to NTNU to recruit singers

Think you have what it takes to be the "Voice of China?" Recruiters from mainland China's popular talent show area heading NTNU on Wednesday to scout the school's undiscovered talent. Registration will be held at 14:00 at the college of music.

San Diego, CA school district to work with NTNU on Chinese instruction

A memorandum of cooperation signed between NTNU and the San Diego Unified School District will bring eager students from California together with expert teachers from Taiwan for Chinese language studies.

Registration open for 2013 International Student Club Exchange

Student clubs are about more than just meeting new people from your school -- they're also about international exchanges! NTNU is inviting 30 students form sister schools across the region to head to Taiwan for the 2013 International Student Club Exchange Program, set to run for four days and three nights beginning May 24.

Overseas Chinese from Thailand celebrate Songkran Festival

NTNU students form Thailand held celebrations on Friday ahead of the first day of Thailand's traditional Songkran Festival -- or as it's known in Chinese, the water-splashing festival.

Youth Confucianism forum to kick off in July

Registration has opened for the 2013 East Asian Youth Confucianism Forum and Camp, set to run from July 29 to August 2. The event is being jointly hosted by the College of International Studies and Education for Overseas Chinese and the Research Center for East Asian Cultures and Sinology.