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2014 NTNU Summer School is coming soon

NTNU is the only one considered integrated university including arts and humanities in the Taiwan’s Top 12 universities; it ranks first in the field of education in Asia in the QS rankings. In recent years the subject of management has also received the attention of related enterprises in Taiwan, consequently all-English summer school courses with NTNU characteristics will be offered in 2014. Undergraduate and graduate students from overseas and Taiwan who are interested in courses related to culture and the arts, education, and management are welcome to enroll.

Students from Taiwan, China, HK set out on Confucian quest

Nearly 300 students from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong gathered at National Taiwan Normal University on Sunday to pledge their commitment to educating the less fortunate.

Penn State education dean lectures at NTNU

As part of closer cooperation between National Taiwan Normal University and Pennsylvania State University, NTNU was proud to welcome Penn State Dean of Education David H. Monk for a two-week lecture on education administration.

U of Tsukuba and NTNU hope for closer academic exchanges

The vice president of Japan's University of Tsukuba, Michiyoshi Ae, took some time away from the ongoing Biomechanics Seminar to talk about enhancing cooperation with National Taiwan Normal University.

NTNU, NCCU, NTUST launch joint courses in creative design

Some of Taiwan's top public universities are joining forces to redifine creative design. National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), and National Chengchi University (NCCU) are making good on an agreement signed last year to hold joint practicum courses in creative design.