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"Voice of China" heading to NTNU to recruit singers

Think you have what it takes to be the "Voice of China?" Recruiters from mainland China's popular talent show area heading NTNU on Wednesday to scout the school's undiscovered talent. Registration will be held at 14:00 at the college of music.

Children and Parents from Local Communities Come Seek Their "Candy" from GIPA's Show

More than 400 people, including more than 200 children, from the communities flooded the auditorium and enjoyed the German opera Hansel und Gretel today, only in Chinese.

Music Students Enjoy the Honorable Moment

Seven music students, as the best of their kinds, enjoyed the privileges to perform with National Taiwan Normal University Orchestra during the annual "The Night of Concerto” at the auditorium on the campus today.

Award Winning Author Invites Taiwanese Talents to Help Him Tell the World How Amazing Taiwan Is

With a long-term click with Taiwan, award winning author Dr. Edward F. EmanuEl returned to the soil and tried to find his favorite Taiwanese talents for his latest music play – Amazing Taiwan, while he is teaching on the campus today and tomorrow.
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