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Chinese Taipei Wins European Outdoor Women’s Tug-of-war Gold

Taiwan women's team won gold in international outdoor tug-of-war in the ladies 520 kg open of the 2015 European Tug of War Championship on September 7th. The team is composed of the tug of war team of National Taiwan Normal University and students from Taipei Jingmei Girls Highs School.

NTNU-Jingmei Women’s Tug of War Team Shines at World Championships

The World Indoor Tug of War Championships are held once every two years. This year (2014), the games were held in Ireland, and the Chinese Taipei women’s team was made up of a group of students from the Department of Physical Education at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) and Taipei Jingmei Girls High School. On February 22nd, the team took second place in the 540 kg world championship division and, on February 23rd, grabbed first place in the 500 kg world championship division. The team won two matches in a row, and, all together in the open club championships, earned three gold and three silver medals. Their accomplishments have brought glory to the people of Taiwan.

Mandarin Training Center students make waves at dragon boat race

Foreign students enrolled at NTNU's Mandarin Training Center made waves at this year's dragon boat races in Taipei City, earning second-place in the women's open event and fourth in men's open.

NTNU's Hung Yu-chao breaks record in Intercollegiate Games

Hung Yu-chao (洪鈺釗), a Master's student at NTNU, finished his last go at the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games with quite an achievement -- breaking an 8-year record for track and field. The Physical Education student came in with a record time of 01:51.07 for the 800 m middle-distance run.

NTNU Won 3 Gold Medals in Tennis

The open tournament in tennis of National Intercollegiate Athletic Game (NIAG) ended with Lin Dai-Qiao and Chen Lu-Ling from NTNU winning the mixed doubles. Overall, NTNU won 3 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 1 bronze medal in tennis, becoming the university with the most gold medals.