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Kuang Chou Jinan University Tseng Yi-ping Talked about Rhetoric

The Department of Applied Chinese Language and Literature invited Tseng Yi-ping, the dean of the Chinese Language Department in Jinan University to Lin-kou district to give a speech of the application of rhetoric in Chinese teaching.

NTNU Three Districts Basketball Friendly Match Started at Lin-kou District

The friendly match held at Lin-kou gym started on April 14th, hoping to gain the chances of the interaction between different district's students and teachers. Baseball, volleyball and other sports were planed to hold in the future.

NTNU Female Volleyball Team Won the Second Place in 98UVL

NTNU fought against Taipei Physical Education College in 98-year university volleyball league again on April 14th. NTNU made the mistakes continuously and only got the second place in this season.

NTNU Man Volleyball Protected the Championship in 98UVL

The 98UVL ended at April 12th in NTNU gym. The team played well from the beginning and defeated Ta-jen technology university easily, and led the team to the forth champion next year.

The Thai Hakka Culture Commerce Group Visited Taiwan First Platform NTNU Lin-kou District

The Thai Hakka culture commerce group arrived at Taiwan on April 12th. Including the Thai guests commerce, Thai Bangkok Hui-chou institute and so on seven Thai Hakka associations, set a milestone for the cooperation between Thai and Taiwan's Hakka culture.