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2009 Outstanding Alumnus – Fang Sheng-Xong (Professor at the Department of Applied English at Kun Shan University)

Graduating from the Department of Chinese in 1966, Fang Sheng-Xong now teaches at the Professor at the Department of Applied English at Kun Shan University. During his years in NTNU, he diligently studied French. Though he didn’t foresee the application of the language in the future, French-related selective courses gave him the strength to promote both eastern and western cultures and to increase Europeans’ understandings towards Taiwan. Fang established the Department of French in National Central University, which produced most of today’s chairmen and professors in the department of French all around Taiwan.

2009 Outstanding Alumnus – Cai Dian-Mo (Principle of National Taitung University)

Cai Dian-Mo was born in a farming family and raised by his illiterate but loving parents. As a child, he needed to toil in the farm and help with farming, thus he didn’t have the time and energy to study. By chance, he entered the newly established Xingwu High School. Having been enlightened by wonderful teachers in junior and senior high schools, he aspired to be a professor. Cai graduated from the Department of Education in 1973 and became the principle of National Taitung University as well as the president of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children.

2009 Outstanding Alumnus – Guo Bo-Jia (Principle of Taichung First Senior High School)

Guo Bo-Jia, Principle of Taichung First Senior High School (TFSHS), graduated from the Department of Mathematics in 1973. He started his educational career as a frontline teacher in Tainan Second Senior High School (TSSHS). He offered to accompany students to study on his holidays, which enhanced the performances of many students, and made donations for students with less wealthy background. His dedication and effort were recognized and he became the principle of TSSHS. “As a teacher graduating form NTNU, I’m just doing my part,” he said humbly when he became the principle of TFSHS last year.

2009 Outstanding Alumnus – Wu Jian-Xin (Executive Director of the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong)

“NTNU has a life-long influence on me,” said Dr. Wu Jian-Xin, an Hong Kong student graduating from NTNU in 1974. “I’ve been following the school motto for over the past 3 decades, which made all my achievements possible.” Wu is an alumnus of the Department of Social Education. He’s currently the Executive Director of the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong. When it comes to his alma mater, all he has to say is gratitude and appreciation. After graduation, Wu returned to Hong Kong and has been working in YMCA since then.

2009 Outstanding Alumnus – Huang Min-Hui (Mayor of Chiayi City)

As the current Mayor of Chiayi and the Vice Chairperson of the KMT, Huang Min-Hui, graduating from NTNU in 1982, does not have the typical politician feel: she is accessible and friendly. During this interview, her tones were soft but the expression in her eyes determined. We could see her gentle disposition cultivated in the Department of Chinese though she has taken another career path after teaching for 14 years. It is a natural occupational choice since she was born in a political family. Yet, “my involvement in education has been one of the biggest fortune in my life,” Huang remarked.