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A Memorable Mother’s Day for Mentally Challenged Children

Discounts and carnations all over the streets reminded us the coming of Mother’s Day. In order to create an unforgettable Mother’s Day for mentally challenged children and their mothers, NTNU held a 2-day camp on May 9th and 10th. The camp was free and open to these children and their parents nation wide. Volunteers from the Department of Special Education and the Department of Civic Education and Leadership wished to assist mentally challenged kids to learn how to co-operate with others, adapt to the society, interact with others, etc., and to give the participants a warm and memorable Mother’s Day.

An Academic Symposium in Commemoration of Professor Ja Fu-Ming

The Academic Symposium in Commemoration of Professor Ja Fu-Ming was held on May 3rd by the Department of Education, NTNU. Many outstanding alumni of the department returned to their alma mater for the symposium and published papers in remembrance of their dear professor. All agreed that Professor Ja was one of the greatest masters in the Department of Education, NTNU. He devoted his entire life in education and in teaching his students about love. The symposium also had an exhibition of the life of Professor Ja, through which attendants could know more or to recall the dedication of the deceased professor.

Bukina Faso Experience Sharing: Knowing How to Help Those in Need

On April 29th, the Centre of Student Counseling invited registered nurse Kao Li-Ting to share with students her experience in Bukina Faso where she and her doctor husband Lian Jia-En lived and practiced medicine.

Go Meatless on 422 World Earth Day to Save the Earth

A day’s vegetarian diet can eliminate 7 kilograms’ carbon dioxide emission. In resonance to World Earth Dy, Office of Student Affairs, NTNU launched a special service of booking vegetarian lunchbox for students and faculties.

Final of Linkou Campus Singing Competition

The final of Linkou Campus Singing Competition 2009 was held in the auditorium on the 22nd of April. Highly anticipated contestant Lin Lei successfully turned the audience crazy with his number and won the champion of this fierce competition.