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Alumni at the Luncheon for NTNU’s Birthday

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of National Taiwan Normal University, there’s a grand luncheon on the 4th of June. Faculties and alumni all gathered in the gymnasium, nearly 1000 people presented, enjoying their good time at NTNU.

Gao Xingjian Encourages Students to Pursue Free Spirit

The Master’s speech of 2016 invited Chair Professor Gao Xingjian to share with students his wisdom under the topic of “Being a Free Man”. His work, Soul Mountain, received the honorable Nobel Prize in Literature 2000, making Gao the first Chinese author that won the title of a Nobel laureate. The speech covers literature, history, social movement. Nearly 300 people show up and filled up the hall.

Feel the Exotic Taste and Love from Myanmar Week

The Myanmar week of 2016 is held on 23rd of May by the volunteer team, Love Myanmar. All kinds of mouthwatering food like Myanmar style milk tea and Burmese tofu are popular among students. On the booth, you can see traditional Myanmar cloth and accessories. There are also second hand crafts on sale.

Debate Tournament for Foreign Students in Mandarin

“Whether Taiwan’s Central Government should adopt a cabinet system?” This topic is not easy, even for native Mandarin speakers. How would the foreign students do on this kind of topic? College of International Studies and Social Sciences held a debate tournament for foreign students, inviting all foreign students in the Department of Chinese as a Second Language to this exciting event.

60-year-old MTC, Legacy and Innovation

The Mandarin Teaching Center was founded by the Dean of Liberal Arts Liang Shiqiu in 1956. Decades later, MTC has become one of the most prestigious mandarin learning center in the world. Thousands of students come here for authentic mandarin learning and MTC is the top choice when thinking of learning Chinese.