Degree-seeking students

The University is comprised of nine colleges across three campuses: Education; Arts, International Studies and Social Science; Liberal Arts; Music; Management; Science; Sports and Recreation; and Technology and Engineering. Altogether, NTNU has 62 departments and 130 degree programs. Currently, there are 20 master's programs and 18 doctoral programs taught in English.

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Mandarin learning students

Our Mandarin Training Center (MTC) is the largest and most renowned Chinese language center, with around 1,700 students from more than 70 countries enrolled each academic quarter. MTC students come from different cultures and language backgrounds, but share the common goal of learning to communicate in Chinese effectively. In order to meet the increasing demand for Chinese language courses, MTC Online was officially launched in 2012 to recruit students. Students interested in learning Chinese can now take real-time Chinese lessons no matter where they are. Anyone is welcome to join the MTC program!

Exchange students

NTNU has exchange programs with several partner universities worldwide. Students nominated by NTNU’s partner universities who have also completed at least one year of university can apply for an exchange program through the Office of International Affairs and have the option of participating in either regular academic programs or Chinese language courses.

Visiting students

Current full-time students from both partner and non-partner universities can study at NTNU for shorter intervals.

Continuing students

Continuing students have a myriad of options at their disposal. The School of Continuing Studies offers both long-term and short-term programs, providing students not only a top-notch education at one of Taiwan’s premier universities, but also the opportunity to interact with and befriend individuals from all regions of the world. At NTNU, continuing students have the ability and freedom to garner valuable life skills, grow as individuals, and expand their horizons, all in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.