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Empowering Students with Disabilities: Academic Exchange to Texas and California

Faculty and students from the NTNU Special Education Center recently embarked on an academic visit to universities in Texas and California, as part of the "Flying Against the Wind: Academic Delegation to the United States" initiative which aims to expand global perspectives, enhance independence, and promote self-advocacy among students with disabilities.

Art Meets Tech at the Polaroid Project Exhibition at NTNU Museum

"The Polaroid Project: At the Intersection of Art and Technology", an international collaborative exhibition at the NTNU Museum, investigates the collaboration between technology and art, presenting a variety of artworks, cameras, and film types developed by Polaroid during its prime.

Marking 50 Years of Taiwan-Korea Design Exchange

The NTNU Department of Design commemorated an important milestone in international design collaboration by hosting a forum entitled "The Power of Korean Design: Fifty Years of Exchange Between Korea and Taiwan" on March 29. This event not only marked the 50th anniversary of the design exchanges between Taiwan and Korea but also introduced the inaugural “Taiwan Design Research Award,” highlighting the deep and enduring connections between the design communities of both nations.

Globetrotting on Golden Avenue: NTNU's Festival of Cultures

The annual NTNU International Cultural Festival kicked off on March 26. Students from Japan, Jordan, Southeast Asia, and other regions decorated stalls that showcased their countries’ delicacies and cultural products along Sunlight Avenue, presenting a rich tapestry of global cultures.

Empowering EMI Teaching: Strategies and Stories from Global Educators

The NTNU Resource Center for English Medium Instruction (RCEMI) and the Yushan Scholars Program jointly organized a seminar titled "English Teaching: Demand Analysis and Value Added" on March 25.