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Transdisciplinary Program in College of Education, National Taiwan Normal University Visit Chiba University, Japan, Initiating Dialogue on Bilateral Exchange Across “Interdisciplinary X Transboundary” Themes

In 2013, the College of Education at our university signed an MOU with the Faculty of Education at Chiba University, aiming to promote bilateral academic research and interaction through cross-national collaborative research, shared academic achievements, and mutual visits by teachers and students. In accordance with this MOU, in June 2024, 15 students from Transdisciplinary Program in College of Education (referred to as the Program) accompanied by three teachers visited Chiba University to engage in a " Interdisciplinary X Transboundary " cultural exchange with students and faculty from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Education.

NTNU and UT Austin Collaborate to Enhance Bilingual Education Training

National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) is launching a pioneering off-site training program in collaboration with The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin). This summer initiative, available to teachers from various colleges and universities in Taiwan, features a two-week in-person course at UT Austin from July 22 to August 3.

NTNU Delegation Visits Charles University to Discuss Future Science and Education Collaboration

Vice President Y.H. Frank Ying leads a delegation on a visit to Charles University in the Czech Republic. Both institutions expressed interest in further collaborations aimed to enhance bilateral educational and scientific research exchanges.

The Future of AI Literacy: NTNU and IEA Host Prestigious ICILS 2023 NRC Meeting in Taipei

The International Computer and Information Literacy Study (ICILS) National Research Center at NTNU, in collaboration with the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA), hosted the 5th National Research Coordinator (NRC) meeting for ICILS 2023 in Taipei from June 24 to 28, 2024.

NTNU’s Steady Transition from the Classroom to the Cutting Edge

NTNU emblem features in backdrop at Jensen Huang's Computex keynote speech because the university has been collaborating with leading companies, including Nvidia, TSMC, and Gigabyte, aiming to cultivate talents equipped for the challenges of the AI era.