The Center for Teaching and Learning Development (CTLD), established in September, 2007, aims to integrate and organize all available academic resources as part of its services to every teacher and student at NTNU. We seek to create a supportive learning environment, to innovate teaching methods, to reach out to the overall learning communities, and to build an effective educational network.

The 2 major purposes of CTLD are: To help the faculty develop and advance professional teaching skills- we coordinate and integrate all available teaching resources on campus. We provide supports, map out strategies, and hold workshops and seminars related to innovative teaching methods and technologies. We also help to solve pedagogical difficulties and improve teaching quality. We encourage and provide grant for faculty's proposals of enhancing teaching quality.

To help students progress in learning- we provide adequate consultations and tutoring services. Award plans are offered to encourage students to establish self-learning mechanisms and improve their own academic competitiveness.