Established on Apr. 1, 1980, the Counseling Center has always been headed by professors or associate professors of the Department of Educational Psychology & Counseling. The center later became a subsidiary of the Office of Student Affairs on Aug. 1, 2007 in accordance with the amendment to organization charter passed at the extraordinary meeting of the 97th University Affairs Meeting held on Jan. 31, 2007.

Counseling Center was founded to maintain and enhance the mental health of all NTNU academic/administrative staff and students. To that end, the Center offers professional psychological services and activities to assist students to develop self-independence, establish personal goals, career plans, and self-directedness as well as to expand interpersonal relationships. To academic/administrative staff, we offer psychological counseling/consultation/education/research/group counseling (consultation) services with an aim to promote the mental well-being of all in the campus environment. To achieve this goal, we undertake a three-stage prevention strategy- prevention, development, diagnosis and treatment in coordination with administrative offices such as the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Academic Affairs.

Service Scope of the Counseling Center:
  1. Mental health promotion: organize mental health seminars, class talks
  2. Individual counseling/consultation: Help students to understand themselves, identify solutions to problems, and enhance their personal growth
  3. Group counseling/consultation: Facilitate participants to gain the strength to face their difficulties through the company, acceptance, understanding, and trust of other group members.
  4. Psychological testing: (individual/group tests): Offer various types of educational and psychological tests administered by our counseling staff based on the individual needs of students and with explanations afterwards.

Mental care station and volunteer training: Provide NTNU students interested in volunteer services with opportunities to learn counseling knowledge and skills and offer on duty services so that students can reach out to fellow NTNU students in need.