Founded in 1998, NTNU SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) Innovation & Incubation Center initially focused on two main areas: microelectronics information and technology education. It was in 2009 renamed as NTNU Innovation & Incubation Center (NTNUIIC) and shifted its focus to the Cultural and Creative Industry.

Over the years, NTNUIIC has incubated over 52 enterprises, 21 startup businesses, and also has bred nearly 30 spin-offs.

Since 2010, the Center has been focusing its incubation efforts on the design, education and lifestyle industries featuring the cultural and creative aspects, in a hope that these three industries will work in a mutually complementary manner to strengthen the output and style of other industries with a differentiated design edge. NTNUIIC will endeavor to work toward such direction and deepen its footage in the incubation of Taiwan's cultural and creative industries.