Office of the Executive Vice President

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Executive Vice President

Yao-Ting Sung

Professor Yao-Ting Sung is a chair professor at the National Taiwan Normal University. He has received several awards for excellence in academic achievement, including Da-Yu Wu Memorial Award and three Outstanding Research Awards issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology (formerly the National Science Council). His research focuses on educational psychology, psychological and educational assessment, computer-assisted learning and testing, as well as Chinese text analysis. Prof. Sung directs a world-leading team that specializes in bringing cutting-edge academic research and tools to improve automated affective assessment, readability prediction, and essay scoring. The team has built several diagnostic and assessment platforms based on the aforementioned technologies for career interest assessment, Chinese language learning, and adaptive reading. These educational platforms have been used in many countries around the world, involving about three million students each year. By integrating theories of learning psychology and advanced technology, the research team is gradually reaching its goal of innovating teaching practice, promoting student development, and closing achievement gap in both primary and secondary education. The research team has also exported its technology to support overseas Chinese teaching and assessment practices. Additionally, the research results have infused new life into education industry and enhanced its development.
Prior to becoming vice president of the university, Prof. Sung has served several administrative positions in the university, including the director of Research Center for Psychological and Educational Testing, the director of Office of Research and Development, and the Chief Executive Officer of Aim for the Top University Project.
Other scholarly administrative experiences include serving as the editor-in-chief of TSSCI journals Psychological Testing and Journal of Research in Education Sciences, as a guest editor or on the editorial board of several international journals and book series including British Journal of Educational Technology, Journal of Technology and Society, and Chinese Language Learning Sciences Series. Prof. Sung has also contributed to the planning and implementation of national education by serving as a committee member of the Twelve-Year National Basic Education Planning Group of the Ministry of Education and Information Steering Committee of the Ministry of Examination. Currently, he is also the director of the National Assessment Center for Education.
Executive Vice President

Frank Yung-Hsiang Ying

Professor Yung-hsiang (Frank) Ying is a Ph.D. holder in Economics from the University of Kentucky (USA), with research interests in macroeconomics, international finance, and health economics. His research achievements have also been published in international journals along the years.

After a year of teaching at the Colgate University in the United States, Prof. Ying returned to Taiwan and contributed what he had acquired by serving on the faculty of National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan for more than a decade. Currently, he is serving at the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU).

Over the course of his academic career, he has served in various administrative positions, including the graduate institute chair at NSYSU, the Chair of the Institute of Economics (NSYSU), the director of NSYSU Poll Center, and the Vice President for International Affairs. At National Taiwan Normal University, he served as Vice President of International Affairs and Dean of the College of Management, and currently holds the position of Vice President.

Prof. Ying’s extensive service outside of the university includes the committee member of the National Academy for Educational Research, the Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan, the Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation Association, the Academia Sinica Ethics Committee, and the Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan; the board member of the Asia-Pacific Association for International Education; and the advisor of the National Policy Foundation. In terms of international service, he has traveled throughout the world as a visiting scholar at Harvard Kennedy School of Government (USA), and as an invited lecturer at several universities including Akita International University (Japan), University of Lyon (France), and University of Lodz (Poland).

In addition, Prof. Ying has been involved in planning and organizing a number of multinational collaborative research projects such as the France-Taiwan Frontiers of Science of NSTC, the FP7 Marine Project, and the MOST Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (GASE) Project. His continuous participation in the three major higher education fairs across the world in recent years is in the hope of expanding relevant international cooperation opportunities, and he is currently the principle investigator of the Taiwan Huayu BEST Program at National Taiwan Normal University.
Executive Vice President

Kwun-Min Chen

Professor Kwun-Min Chen received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania in 1992. His academic expertise lies in the total synthesis of natural products, organic synthesis, drug design and synthesis, and asymmetric catalysis. With three years of industry experience as a senior research scientist at Ariad Pharmaceutical Inc. in the United States, Prof. Chen returned to Taiwan and served as an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Chemistry at Chaoyang University of Technology (1995-1998) in Taichung for three years before joining National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) in 1998.

Throughout his academic career spanning over 25 years, he has led and supervised graduate students every year in conducting research projects funded by the National Science and Technology Council with a focus on developing novel synthetic methodologies. Prof. Chen has served in various administrative positions at NTNU, including as the Division Head of Research Coordination for the Office of Research and Development, Chair of the Department of Chemistry, Associate Dean of the College of Science, and Dean of the College of Science. As the Dean of the College of Science, he was committed to enhancing academic performance, improving teaching methodologies, encouraging interdisciplinary cooperation and industry-academia collaboration, establishing college-level research centers (the Center of Astronomy and Gravitation and the Advanced Materials and Green Energy Research Center), promoting international academic cooperation, and encouraging student exchange programs abroad. Besides his active participation in various university committees to facilitate the smooth functioning of university operations, his efforts and distinguished academic contributions at NTNU have also been recognized with awards such as Distinguished Professorship.

In addition to his academic and research endeavors over the years, Prof. Chen has also been devoted to the development of science education for high school students in Taiwan. His various contributions include acting as the project leader for high school chemistry competitions and the Taiwan national team in the International Chemistry Olympiad (2014 and 2015). In his leisure time, Prof. Chen enjoys sitting meditation, walking, hiking, and trying out different cuisines.