National Taiwan Normal University's Academy of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students is the only institution providing university preparatory education to overseas Chinese. It provides the impetus for a wide range of students to receive higher education, enhance language abilities, and acquire education in a genuine Taiwan setting.

Students are distributed impartially into classes so that they may choose to study in their fields of interest from any of the following divisions:
Division1- Arts, humanities, law, business, management and education,
Division2- Science and engineering
Division3- Medicine and agriculture.

These instructional programs are scheduled to be completed within one year. Required courses include Chinese, English, Mathematics, Civil Constitution, History, Geography, Computer Science, and Physical Education. Textbooks are compiled in accordance with domestic and overseas senior school teaching materials, freshmen curricula from local universities, along with students'academic proficiencies. Elective courses are offered according to the specialties of the division in which the students are enrolled. Students will spend 37~39 class hours per week on campus.