Founded in August 1982, the College of Arts has devoted itself to the training of future secondary-school teachers in the field of Arts and Design. It has also aimed to prepare students for careers at culture centers, art galleries, museums, libraries, and for jobs such as cultural heritage conservator, etc. The College offers bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree in Art or Design. In addition to the degree programs, the College launched the Research Center for Conservation of Culture Relics in 2009 to nourish technical and research talents in relics conservation.

The College enjoys a prestigious tradition and reputation in arts and design with widely recognized faculty members, alumni and education concepts both domestically and internationally. NTNU Arts Festival, an annual festival held in Mar-Jun, is a key event in a series of art activities hosted by the College of Arts. The festival always brings festive cheers to the campus and local community. In recent years, the College has been making active efforts to promote international cooperation with peer colleges and academies of fine arts through exchanging visits, signing academic cooperative agreements, inviting outstanding teachers from Taiwan and abroad, co-organizing cross-country exhibitions, developing academic cooperation projects and organizing international academic conferences. By so doing, the College encourages students to compete internationally, and has become a favored destination for many international students in pursuit of advanced study. In terms of future development, the College will act in line with the university development plan in stages to continue developing the characteristics of its departments/centers. Meanwhile, the College strives to strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation among its departments and centers through support and complementary measures. As part of the plan, the College will work to combine art creation and theory studies with our prestigious tradition, multi-faceted contemporary view and international visions. The college plans to establish an international printmaking center in academic year 2014 to promote the international exchange of printmaking arts and actively sets up a dedicated fine arts museum with modern equipment to provide top quality exhibition space and exchange platform for international arts exhibitions and performances.