This department has been set up since 1946 AD. There were 2 classes of enrolled bachelor students and special training in Chinese course respectively. Then there increased to 2 classes in 1959, to 3 classes in 1961, and to 4 classes in 1971. However there would be 3 classes only.
Moreover the graduate institute of Chinese has been in 1956. The program of master degree was provided first and the program of Ph.D degree began in the next year. There have been two kinds of the program of Chinese teaching provided, including the weekly evening and summer courses. Till now the enrolled current students, including undergraduates and graduates are about 701. The faculty of this department includes 40 full-time professors , who majoring the different fields of Chinese language, literature and philosophy.
The curricula in this department could be divided into the 5 fields, 12 subfields, including literature, philosophy, sinology, history, linguistics, language teaching, extensive application and so on. All of the courses are considered as 3 levels: the core/compulsory, the basic elective and the advanced. These courses could make the learners get the adequate Chinese cultural professional training to be a teacher in the junior high school, or for the advanced academic study. The program would help the learners increase the competitiveness and skills of career when they finish the program.
The Department has set up the Creative Writing Program and invites World-renowned writers Gao Xingjian (高行健), Mo Yan (莫言), Nils Göran David Malmqvist(馬悅然), Ching-Hsien Wang(楊牧) and Ou-Fan, Lee(李歐梵)as chair professors for the program.