The master’s program in creativity development was established in 2004 as a response to national policy and trends in academia. The initiative was a collaborative effort between the former dean of the college, Mr. Wu-tien Wu, and the top teachers and scholars from all departments in the college. The aim of the program is to develop students’ creativity, in the hope that they will later become inspiring teachers. The continuing education master’s program – the first of its kind established by a college division at NTNU – goes hand in hand with the Ministry of Education’s policy on fostering teachers’ creativity.

Our faculty is comprised of top-notch teachers from the departments of Special Education; Educational Psychology and Counseling; Information and Computer Education; Adult and Continuing Education. We have visiting professors from other institutions in Taiwan, as well as guest instructors from the departments of Industrial Education, Fine Arts, Music, and Performing Arts.

Since 2004, we have kept the size of our class to fewer than 25 students, making sure that every student has the opportunity to participate in class.