History and Focuses
The Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language was founded in 1995; later in 2007, the bachelor program was established. Both being the first of their kinds in Taiwan, our programs are highly regarded for our enduring devotion to excellence. In the graduate program, we provide students with unparalleled experiences in both research and teaching practicum. In the bachelor program, we have been dedicated to developing the optimal curriculum for all our international students, in order to expand their Chinese language capacity and to advance their knowledge about the Chinese culture.

The goal of our department is to promote Chinese language and culture, as well as international exchanges. We seek to provide students with a multicultural academic environment, as well as stimulation in both theories and practicum. We prepare students for the latest development in Chinese language education, and develop and challenge current research on Chinese pedagogy and second language acquisition. We engage in developing both test and teaching materials for the teaching of Chinese as a second/foreign language. We also set guidelines for the establishment of long-distanced and computer-based Chinese language education.