The Department of East Asian Studies is affiliated with the College of International Studies and Social Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). In Academic Year 2015, the Graduate Institute of Political Science merged with The Department of East Asian Studies and this department has started to enroll students into the doctoral program in Academic Year 2017, thus achieving a complete coverage of program offerings from Undergraduate Programs, Master´s Degree Programs to Ph. D. Programs.

This department is the only such department of universities in Taiwan offering a complete educational system from undergraduate, master to doctor majoring in East Asian studies. It has developed to be the teaching research unit for multi-disciplinary integrated professional talents and has been dedicated to providing systematical academic training to students majoring in East Asian studies. At the same time, the Department of East Asian Studies has established an exchange program with renowned foreign universities in Europe, America, Japan, Korea and many Southeast Asian countries offering courses in East Asian studies.

Beginning from the Academic Year 2018, in order to further cultivate cross-disciplinary professional talents, especially those majoring in Northeast Asia, China, Southeast Asia and surrounding countries, the Department of East Asian Studies made changes to the original grouping recruitment system, focusing instead on the integration of multiple disciplines, with “culture and its application” and “political economy and regional development” as the centerpiece subjects. Our undergraduate program aims to cultivate all-round talents in humanistic society field, and award graduates with Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees. Master´s Degree Programs aim to cultivate professional talents with independent research and practical capacity, and award graduates with Master of Social Science (M.S.S.) degrees. Ph. D. Programs aim to cultivate professional talents majoring in senior humanities and social studies, and award graduates with Doctor of Social Sciences (Ph.D.) degrees.

To date, there are 19 full-time faculty in this department, with 9 professors, 9 associate professors and 1 assistant professor, with expertise in the fields of sinology, history, literature, cultural study, international relationship, political science, cross-strait research, finance and economics of East Asia, who can provide students at different educational stages with necessary knowledge and career development.