Our EMBA builds upon NTNU’s rich heritage of arts and humanities, and integrates with other disciplines, such as business management, arts, recreational sports to found a comprehensive program. The program is aimed at building well-rounded business leaders with professional knowledge, appreciation for arts and humanities, innovative thinking, as well as emphasis on health management.
Our EMBA program offers diverse courses that balance theory with practice. Through collaboration with world-renowned corporations, you will develop a global perspective and competitiveness that is well-suited to fit the needs of today’s world.

The education goals of our program are as follows:(1)cultivate professional executive management skills-the professional management skill is the essence of NTNU EMBA program. The curriculum includes fundamental management and many other electives, so that class members are able to tailor the courses according to their interests. Through the individual discussion and professors’ co-teaching, you are able to improve the case analysis ability, and deal with the challenges when applying theories to the real world;(2)integrate artistic and cultural resources to cultivate creative soft skills-
NTNU EMBA integrates professional management with school’s art specialty, to offer not only management courses, but also classes such as Classic Literature and Leadership, Drama and Team, Cultural Innovation, to initiate innovative management culture;(3)combine art and fitness and recreation to cultivate highly human care leader-people are the most important asset in the organization. The mission of senior executives in the new generation is to “create a quality work environment for the staff” instead of “working day and night”. NTNU EMBA integrates the art, fitness and recreation to cultivate students’ art appreciation and health management, to construct a quality management culture;(4)stimulate new thinking through cross-field conversation-cross-field in NTNU EMBA includes theory and practice, management and art education, conversation between different industries, professions, and positions. Through the interaction with professors from the schools and the corporates, and the cooperation with peers from different backgrounds, you will benefit from unparalleled opportunities to connect and learn from different elites, and stimulate new thinking;(5)build a global platform to broaden the horizon-NTNU EMBA has strived to expand international exchange opportunities including overseas visiting courses, so you are able to visit outstanding corporates and participate in seminars to broaden their horizons;(6)courses on every other weekend and convenient location

To conclude the education goals and EMBA values, the core competencies of NTNU EMBA are: (1) Problem analysis and solving ability (2) Creative thinking and innovation ability (3) Leadership and team work (4) Global view (5) Art appreciation and human care