National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) established the Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical Science and Technology (IEO) M.S. Program in 2001 under the College of Science, followed by the Ph.D. Program in 2005. The Undergraduate Program of Electro-Optical Engineering (UPEOE) was established in 2018 which provides the undergraduate Program under the College of technology and engineering.
To cultivate talents with solid fundamental knowledge of photonic technology is a predominant job of UPEOE. UPEOE provides courses for students committed to the researches of both theoretical and applied aspects. Two main research fields are included: (1) Photonic materials, devices and systems, and (2) Bio-nano-medicines and medical images.
UPEOE offers a wide range of university-level training programs, from general courses in photonic/optics to independent researches. Through them, students are cultivated to have the abilities for developing independent research with teamwork leadership. No matter the students keep subsequently studying at the graduate institutes or start working in the related industries, they will all have outstanding performances.