Overview: Founded in August 2002, the Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology covers three areas of concentration: Research and Preservation, Performance and Heritage, and Multimedia Applications, which was initiated in 2006 with the aim of improving students’ information skills and competence and bringing the traditional values together with the modern information society. In 2014, we reorganized with two areas of concentration: Research and Preservation, and Multimedia Applications. We are dedicated to in-depth research on Taiwan’s traditional music culture, its performance and education and its preservation. In recent years, we have diversified our studies to include the neighboring Austronesian cultures and digital archiving. The institute’s mission is to train skilled personnel in academic research, performance, teaching and applications of ethnic music, as well as explore creative possibilities for the preservation, research, innovation, promotion and dissemination of Taiwan’s traditional music.
At present, there are 60 graduate students pursuing their education at the master’s level. Students are generally enrolled in the graduate programs on the basis of their performance on the graduate school entrance examination.