Nowadays, Globalization affects the way how countries, enterprises, and people make decisions. Although it brings lots of new commercial possibilities, it also means that we are facing a more complex environment, which will make us harder to make decisions.

Graduate Institute of Global Business and Strategy, originally named “Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Global Strategy,” was founded in 2008. It was the time NTNU established the College of Management in order to transit to a standard university.

Our institute develops the feature of “strategy planning”, conforming to one of the features of the College of Management. In 2011, we changed the name into “Graduate Institute of Global Business and Strategy” in response to the feature of “strategy development”.

In the first year of the foundation, we recruited students with four groups—national defense, diplomacy, cross-Straits relations, economic and trade. From the second year, we broadened the scope of our strategy planning and application from public sector to private sector. We canceled recruitment grouping and has nurtured talents based on methodology and strategy application ever since.