In 1995 with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the Department of Graphic Arts Communication Education was established under the College of Education. In October of the same year, the department transformed itself away from the so-called "teacher’s cultivation institution" into a training organization of specialists and professionals for printing/publishing as well as for media communication industry.

The department’s mission transition was in response to the government policy of building Taiwan as an "Asia-Pacific Media Center" vision then. Accordingly, the department´s name was changed to the Department of Graphics Art Communication Technology.In September 1998, the Ministry of Education approved the establishment of College of Science and Technology. The Department of Graphics Art Communication Technology was naturally moved under the mantle of the newly founded college, hence away from the original College of Education. While in the College of Science and Technology, the department once again changed its name to Graphic Arts and Communications.

In July 1999, the Ministry of Education approved the department to set up a Master’s program. The following year, the department began to accept the enrollment of students from two tracks: "printing/publishing technology" and "media communication technology".In 2005, the Ministry of Education sanctioned the department to open up a master´s degree designed especially for the admission of workplace professionals.

The department strives for the integration of knowledge on media technology and arts. Such fields as media communication, printing publication, information technology and design of new media application are of the department’s efforts to do research and teaching. The department should combine theories and practices to create a milieu within which students and faculties alike can work together in face of the multiple facets of today’s rapidly changing media environment. To facilitate this vision, the department establishes and continues to acquire updated research and teaching resources. The department has been actively collecting, preserving and integrating graphic-related materials for a long time. Nowadays, it has collected quite a few materials for the use of teaching, research and creation purpose. The department boasts to lead its materials of imaging displays and digital contents over other equivalent departments. In essence, a world-class academic institution providing high quality education is the department’s mission.