The importance of international human resource development increases with the trend of globalization. To respond to the demand of global organizations for more international human resource expertise, the Graduate Institute of IHRD was established in 2003. This MBA-degree program enrolls both local and international students and is taught in English. The institute sets its goal on cultivating human resource professionals and scholars with international perspectives, cross-cultural communication abilities, professional knowledge, and the willingness to serve people. Students and alumni of IHRD come from over 30 nations and are taught by a diverse faculty team of academic and industry experts. Students can expect an intellectual, stimulating and insightful learning experience from IHRD courses which include basic theories in research and management, professional knowledge of human resource and international affairs, and integrated application of theories and practices. All courses emphasize the connection between theory and practice. By working closely with business companies, government, and non-profit organizations, this institute provides students with opportunities to build up competencies for becoming accomplished human resource professionals.