Program of Learning Sciences


The Program of Learning Sciences is newly established at National Taiwan Normal University to cultivate professionals in the field of learning sciences, such as data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, and software engineers whose aim involves researching and improving human learning experiences. This program currently is the first in Taiwan that offers professional courses in learning sciences.


1.Cultivate professionals in the field of learning sciences
2.Innovate new forms of research and applications of learning
3.Develop students’ integrated knowledge and skills among fields of statistics, programing, data mining and analysis, learning psychology and data information.


The Program of Learning Sciences focuses on the convergence of learning technology, data science and information science, with faculty expertise in learning sciences and combined faculty members and resources from graduate institute of library and information studies, graduate institute of information and computer science, department of educational psychology and counseling and graduate institute of science education. The total credit hours required for graduation are 128.


1.This program addresses the global market trend calling for professionals in the information and data related field, such as software designers, data analysts and game designers.
2.This program leads by developing innovative research and application of learning.
3.Graduates of this program can work in fields that require data science and information science such as government, medical institution, technology, communication, or marketing industry, banks, or non-profit organization.