The groundwork of the nation´s first education effort in library and information studies began in 1955, as an undergraduate track within the Department of Adult and Continuing Education at the National Taiwan Normal University. To nurture higher talents for library and information services in meeting the needs of the knowledge-based society, the university established an independent Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies in 2002.

In 2005, we initiated the In-Service Master Program of Library and Information Studies, providing professional development opportunities for library and information service practitioners, with emphasis on knowledge and skills of information technologies. Cooperating with the University´s Fine Arts Department, History Department and Chinese Department, we launched the Digital Content and Creative Teaching Advanced Certification Program in 2006, for further promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and nurturing digital content talents. In 2008, the Institute was granted the permission by the Minister of Education to launch the Ph.D. program, and recruited doctorate students for the first cohort in June 2009."