In compliance with Ministry of Education’s University Restructuring Plan, College of Management was founded in August 2008 by combining the Graduate Institute of Management and Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Global Strategy, joining the school’s rich humanitarian background with a professional business management program. In 2011, Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Global Strategy were restructured to become the Graduate Institute of Global Business and Strategy of today. Undergraduate program of business administration was established in 2009, and renamed department of business administration in 2015. We also established Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) in 2012. Double Degree Program for International Master of Business Administration will launch in 2016. Hi-tech international financial services management courses and introductory management courses are offered to students of NTNU, for opportunities to learn about business management. The college is gradually developing into a medium-sized business management college with a strong faculty.

College of Management has its roots in NTNU’s rich heritage of humanities and arts. Through key strategies such as providing foundational professional knowledge, branding, following international trends, forming alliances with renowned colleges, collaborating with businesses, innovating with an interdisciplinary approach, and working with professional experts.