National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) is known for its long educational history in Taiwan. Belonging to the elite education system during the period of Japanese rule, this institution was founded in 1922 in the name of Taihoku Higher School (臺北高等學校). As the unique preparatory school of such elite system, those graduates could directly enter most of imperial universities in Japan during the time. After the end of World War II, this school was renamed and converted into an American style college. The Department of Mathematics was founded in 1946.

There are now 31 full-time faculty members in the department. The areas of research include: Algebra and Number Theory, Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis, Nonlinear Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Optimization, Combinatorics, Statistics and Psychometrics, and Mathematical Education.

Meanwhile, there are approximately 400 undergraduate students and more than 100 postgraduate students (including international students). Besides, there are more than 7,000 alumni spread across the globe, most serving as school teachers, principals or university professors in Taiwan.

Other than the graduate courses offered in NTNU, students can take courses in NTU (whose campus is just next to ours). In addition, one may participate in various activities (e.g., seminars, lectures, conferences, workshops) held in Institute of Mathematics of Academia Sinica (AS), and Mathematics Division of National Centre for Theoretical Sciences (NCTS), both locate in NTU campus. With the nearby locations of mathematics organizations of NTU, NCTS, AS, and NTNU, the south of Taipei city provides a great atmosphere in mathematical learning, training and researches.

In addition to mathematical researches, our department is also very active in Mathematical Education and History of Mathematics. Several faculty members act as chief editors, (editorial board) members of important journals or international societies. In addition, Mathematics Education Centre (MEC) was founded in 2014 in our department.

In general, mathematical training provides a variety of future developments. Our undergraduate program not only encourages students devoting to rigorous training in mathematics, but also developing their interests in other disciplines, for instance, natural sciences, engineering, financial and economics.

At the graduate level, rigorous mathematical training in researches becomes the main focus. However, the future career for well-trained students in mathematics is not restricted to academic research positions. Nowadays, more and more industrial positions have been increasingly created. This trend is expected to last at least for a decade.

There are many scholarships ready for international students to apply. Particularly, we provide full scholarship of 4 years for Ph. D. program (or Master program in the 1st year, then Ph. D. program in the next 3 years). If you are interested in the world-class graduate program in this department. Please visit the Office of International Affairs website for further information.