Following the national policy of promoting and advancing the marine sciences, technology and affairs in Taiwan, the Ministry of Education encourages universities to establish new institutes to train, educate, and prepare the human resources that are needed for the country´s development on the general affairs of our marine environment. This leads to the establishment of the graduate institute of marine environmental science and technology at National Taiwan Normal University in 2006. The program integrateS closely with the faculty members of Earth Sciences Department (covering atmospheric and oceanic sciences, geology, geophysics, and astronomy) to provide an interdisciplinary course work and research on earth system sciences.

The research facilities at the institute include:
Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry Laboratory: Alpha spectrometers with multiple-channel analyzer, low-background & counting System, constant temperature bath/ circulators, convection oven, visible range spectrophotometer, hume hood, carbon/sulfur analyzer system, mettler AT balances, nanopure analytical deionization, high speed centrifuge, double-distilled automatic water purifier system, stable isotope mass spectrometer.Computing Facility for Ocean-Atmosphere Modeling: High performance computing Linux PC cluster and multiple high capacity disk array storage system, atmosphere-ocean modeling and forecast system with massive parallel high speed myrinet network, numerous workstationssome of equipments are shared with the Department of Earth Sciences

Recently, the institute plan to purchase an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) with post-processing marine information system. It would provide a unique tool to study more complete picture of ocean current in both the course work and field trips.