The Department of Physical Education, originally as one of the founding departments of the Province of Taiwan Teachers College, was established in 1946 to recruit five-year students with the mission of preparing future physical education teachers. In 1948, this founding department was reorganized to the Department of Physical Education; in 1954, it expanded its scope to include both Physical and Health Education and it was renamed the Department of Physical Education and Health Education. In 1956, with the college being reorganized as the Province of Taiwan Normal University, the Department of Physical Education and Health Education was afflicted with the College of Education.

From 1955 to 1958, additional three-year Physical Education program was designed to meet the increasing demand for physical education professionals. With the professionalization of each filed, previous title, the Department of Physical Education, was re-adopted in 1959. Since 1965, the department began to recruit elites in sports to encourage their future training and academic performances. In 1982, the multi-purpose sports complex in Hoping campus was completed. Undergraduate and some graduate programs and the departmental administration office were moved back to Hoping campus; office of graduate institute and laboratories was left in Kung-Kuan branch. In August, 2001, the college of Sports and Recreation was founded, which consisted of Graduate Institute of Sports and Leisure Management, the Department of Physical Education, and Department of Athletic Performance. From that time, the Department of Physical Education was separated from the College of Education. Besides encouraging advanced studies, our department used to provides an evening program from 1968 to 1972.

The first master’s degree program was designed in 1970 to enhance the level of academic researches. According to the policy of continuing education, the department established a 40-credit summer program and a 40-credit weekend program for in-service teachers in 1983 and 1993, respectively. However, due to changes in educational policy, these programs were discontinued in 1998. Summer master’s degree program in physical education teaching and weekend master’s degree program in Administration of Physical Education were established for in-service teachers in 1998. Additionally, summer master’s degree program in Teaching of Adapted Physical Education and weekend master’s degree program in Sports Science were established for in-service teachers in 1999. Moreover, our department also provided a summer bachelor degree program for those who graduated from junior college to pursue further education from 1987 to 1993. In terms of various opportunities for professional services and sufficient and adaptive faculty, the first doctoral degree was established to prepare experts of highest academic degree in physical education.

The department aims to prepare excellent physical education teachers, administrators and managers of sports and physical education, and professional researchers on sports science; thus, we provide our students with best-qualified hardware and software facilities to fulfill our ultimate goal of education.