In order to train more professionals to serve people with disabilities, the Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation Counseling at National Taiwan Normal University was established in August 2004. In addition to a regular graduate program, this institute also set up an continuing education program to provide professional knowledge and academic research training for professionals in Rehabilitation Counseling on campus. Currently, this institute is one of the three leading institutes of the field around the nation.

The curriculum content aims to bridge the gap between theories and practices to equip students with professional knowledge and competencies. The framework of the curriculum is structured with four components, including: vocational evaluation, assistive technology, counseling and guidance, and research methodology. A minimum requirement for graduation is completion of 32 credits hour courses, including: a practicum of 320 hours.

This institute intends to provide professional development in the three areas related to rehabilitation counseling: training vocational rehabilitation professionals, psychological counseling professionals, and assistive technology specialists.